Sarah Woolf has painted and designed things all her life.  Though never trained professionally she has always shown a flair for drawing and painting, especially fantasy art.


From a young age she would always be found with a pen or pencil scribbling down a copy of something pretty or inspiring - usually fairies, horses, cats or flowers.  She still carries paper and pencil with her wherever she goes - although she tends to be armed with a digital camera too!

At University while studying a business degree Sarah supplemented a meagre grant by painting band logos and fantasy pictures on leather jackets, Doc Martens and even painted a friend's skin in helping her decide on the tattoo she liked best!


After taking a break from her management consultancy career to have children, Sarah's artistic longings were roused again with her two boys' demands for creations in their rooms.

A friend then requested a mural for her son's playroom, but with young children the commitment to travel so far made it impossible until the idea of painting the mural on MDF occurred to her.  This meant the painting could be done at home, attached later, repositioned if required - highly likely as children grow and furniture/storage changes - and also removed as the child's tastes change.  The 'moveable mural' was a hit and soon Sarah had completed several more.

Further commissions, large and small, the decoration of toy boxes and mirror frames followed and in 2005 Sarah was persuaded to try selling her artwork at the local school's Christmas bazaar.  Thus, Sarah Woolf Designs was born. 


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